About Us

ASEAN2U is a B2B, B2C Platform providing Business Growth Opportunities through its Marketing & Financial Network along the One Belt One Road (OBOR) countries. This Platform provides global import and export (cross border) opportunities for SMEs. Through its extensive global networks, Asean2U opens opportunities to boost online and offline import and export trade among SMEs along the One Belt-One Road (OBOR) by providing the 'Digital Trading Gateway' for enterprises.


We are building a sustainable Eco System for all parties involved (consumers, shop owners, wholesalers, big chain stores, manufacturers, logistic companies, payment gateway operators, platform operator (ASEAN2U)) with positive attributes to all parties. ASEAN2U has an Eco System for SMEs/Enterprises to grow in greater health and strength. ASEAN2U not only creates business transactions but also helps Malaysian enterprises to expand by enabling them to:

  • modernize the business by using the latest IT technologies to achieve more economic and effective solutions for higher productivity and efficiency, 
  • grow sales into various channels (both domestic and international),
  • collaborate with other enterprises to multiply customers, products & services offering, and to bundle various products/services to uplift customer User Experience, 
  • trade Globally (both domestic and international),  
  • develop its brand name and gain customers’ loyalty, 
  • increase SMEs/Enterprises value. 


ASEAN2U provides enterprises with a hand-holding process to:

  1. A One Stop ECO System. 
  2. Marketplace Access into 65 OBOR countries. 
  3. A bridge in communication removing the language barrier and culture differences. 
  4. A safe and secured trading platform where all merchants on the platform are vetted and verified thoroughly prior to obtaining approval to getting on-board ASEAN2U. All products are checked for certifications and selected based on strict standard criteria.
  5. A secured payment gateway to facilitate the trading between merchants and customers. 
  6. A platform for better logistics services 
  7. A platform for trade financing arrangement. 
  8. International presence amongst the strong global partnerships that ASEAN2U has established. SMEs/Enterprises are upgraded to a higher horizon to meet global vendors along the One Belt One Road countries.

In summary, ASEAN2U is unlike other ecommerce platforms. ASEAN2U offers our full services to enterprises on their growth path with advanced technology at a low cost. ASEAN2U has resources to provide Cross Border eCommerce, multi-channels with multi countries coverage, local social network connection to the platform, multi-currency payment gateway, warehouse and logistics services. Enterprises only need to focus on selling!