Delivery Information

1.   On receipt of the payment from the buyer, OborNet will notify the BizMember of the paid order via ASEAN 2U website/email/Telephone/Fax/Courier. BizMember should then confirm that they have received the corresponding order within 2 (two) business days and take necessary actions for delivery.

2.   The BizMember shall upon receipt of the order from OborNet immediately arrange to deliver the products to the designated address as early as possible. In any case the dispatch shall be made within seven (7) working days of the receipt of the Order.

3.   The BizMember shall ensure that the products dispatched are of the specifications ordered and there is no variation whatsoever. The necessary guarantee/warranty shall be provided by the BizMember to the customer.

4.   The BizMember agrees to replace the defective products supplied to the customer at its own cost and shall not hold OborNet responsible in any manner whatsoever.

5.   OborNet may, at its discretion arrange to lift the defective products from the customer however the BizMember will still be liable to replace the defective product. Any charges incurred by OborNet  for lifting and forwarding such defective goods shall be on account of the BizMember. The BizMember shall make good such charges to OborNet  upon receipt of invoice/debit note. No request for any adjustment from future payables to the BizMember from OborNet will be made.

6.   However, OborNet is at its liberty to deduct such amount from future payables of fresh Orders. Such deductions shall not be treated as practice and/or precedent. For avoidance of doubts it is clarified that defective would mean and include but is not limited to wrong product, damaged product, miss sized product and any other shortcoming which the customer may point out. The BizMember hereby authorizes OborNet to entertain all claims of return of the Product in the mutual interest of the BizMember as well as the Customer.

7.   OborNet may offer fulfilment arrangement for the BizMember subject to additional requirements and service fees. With the fulfilment option, the BizMember is responsible for delivering the goods to the location designated by OborNet, for OborNet to co-ordinate their storage, re-packaging (if necessary) and delivery to buyers. The BizMember is responsible to provide OborNet with the required information pertaining to their own fulfilment arrangements.