Bio-D Orbit Lizard Repellent

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Bio-D’s Orbit Lizard Repellent is the answer for mass invasion of the lizards in any household or premises that you own. With Orbit Lizard Repellent, all matters that related to lizards can be solved and the number of lizard in your house can be reduced. Formulated with Bio-D’s signature concoction, EGX-101, this eco-friendly substance will repel the lizard from their suspected hiding place, consequently rid them from your premise. Since Orbit Lizard Repellent is not a common household pesticide, handling it required a minimal knowledge of regular pesticide. Moreover, every time you applied it, natural scented mist released into the air, aromatize your room or the covered spot.



House lizard also recognized by its black and white dropping, which is harmful for humans. Lizards, and its dropping contained bacteria that will lead to Salmonella, a disease infection causes diarrhoea, headache, fever and stomach cramps and can result in septicaemia (blood poisoning). It is extremely risky for infants or child under the age of five, as they lack the immunity system to hinder this disease.



House lizards ( Hemidactylus frenatus ) are reptiles belonging to the infraorder gekkota found in warm climates around the world. But unlike any big reptile, house lizards are usually nocturnal and very good climbers. They come in various sizes, patterns and colours and are among the largest lizard in the world. This pale pink reptile may looked harmless, but after conducting the research regarding this pest, experts found out that  they act as a transmission pathway for zoonotic disease and reservoir of infectious organisms. House lizard contains lot of parasites on their skin and body fluids like saliva. They contain disease causing bacteria and different kinds of worms that can infect human. One may wonder how they infect human since they have limited obvious interactions with humans even in the house. Being nocturnal animal, they go about at night looking for what to scavenge on in the house. If you are the type that keep your toothbrush close without any cover, they can lick the remnant of the toothpaste in it. In doing so, they deposit their saliva on the toothbrush and when you wake up, the next thing you do is to brush your teeth with the same toothbrush that has been licked by the lizards at night.



You can check the link here for more information for this product.  Bio-D is well known for its intelligent hygienic merchandise, in dealing with pest and bugs. All Natural, Non-Toxic, Baby Safe and Eco-Friendly are guaranteed in every Bio-D’s product.









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