Cookies Most Wanted

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Mad About Cakes (MAC) is a local brand specializing in cookies. Manufactured in Kelana Jaya, MAC able to be the top cookies distributer for every parts of Malaysia. Cookies Most Wanted (CMW), a homemade recipe cookie is their famous product, winning the very heart of cookie lovers. This business started way back at 2000, when Chef Wan Noor Zamran was asked to bake a wedding cake for his friend. Mesmerize with the taste, his friend told him to stay in cake baking business, thus leading to establishment of Mad About Cakes.

Food bloggers and local foodies appraised CMW for its scrumptious and delightful taste. The crunchiness of every bites is the proof that CMW itself can stand on its own. Its unique taste came from the mix of chocolate chips, almonds and time and effort for the every single batch that they baked. As the recipe itself is one of its kind, it is waste if you can’t get a hand on this cookies. Not only that, the packaging also plays it role, as it comes in brightly colored packaging, with a cute mascot for CMW, named Chimew. Named by the founder itself, this adorable cookie monster grab the attentions not only the kids, but the adults too.

CMW comes in two size, regular and kids. The pricing also different, as regular size cost a bit more than the kid’s one. For RM15, you can enjoy this exquisite, local, homemade cookies everywhere, anywhere. They also do online delivery, so you can order it on a single click here.

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