Goji Berries

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Goji berries may not well known in Malaysia or any South East countries, but in Far East countries, like China, Japan and Korea, goji berries or wolfberries had been used since 3rd Century (AD 235-284). Ranging from 1 to 2 cm, this red berries can be distinguishable from its bush once ripe. Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense are native in Asian region, and had been used by the ancient people for a long time ago in their daily life. Plainly, both berries looks the same but the taste between them are strongly pronounce.  Since 2000, many western countries plant and cultivate it for further research on medication.

Goji berries are versatile food. It can be picked straight from the scrub, sun-dried consumption, drink it as juice, or put it in your dishes. Since the ripe berries are very tender, it must be carefully picked to prevent it from spoiling. Dried goji berries can be treated like raisins, soaked it for easy consumption or cooked it together with your dishes.

In a single berry, a high number of nutrition can be found, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre, iron, zinc and antioxidants. It also contain all essential amino acid required by a single adult. Since it is loaded with vital nutrients, it can substituted with any meals, resulting in weight loss for overweight person.  Alas, it a booster for energy and performance. People who drank goji juice for two weeks had improvements in terms of their feelings of “general well-being,” increased energy levels and better gastrointestinal function.

The bright red colour in goji berries comes from zeaxanthin, a high level antioxidants that protect the cells from breaking down. Prolonged use also repair and rejuvenate eyes cells, lessen the yellow deposits in the eyes. Natural sugar from goji berries able to naturally lower down the sugar in blood, thus preventing diabetes for some people. Not only treating diabetes, it also able to ease hypertension, infectious diseases and common illness like cold and flu. Another goji berry benefit to consider is their convenience. They come in such a small package that for some people it’s often easier to eat them and obtain high levels of nutrients than it might be to eat a few whole pieces of fruit. For example, when you compare goji berries and oranges weight for weight as vitamin C foods, goji berries provide up to 500 times more vitamin C.

Goji berries are generally considered safe for most people. Although some people report mild digestive issues when they first starting eating them. Be sure to buy your goji berries from a reputable source, even though they tend to be expensive. Most supermarkets sell dried goji berries pre-packaged and in the bulk section. You can also find them fresh. If you’re looking for a new nutritious food to add to your diet, goji berries may be a good source. Packed with a high vitamins and minerals, and a dense protein value, they may help increase your overall well-being. Plus they can provide a welcome change from the other fruits or berries that you regularly eat.


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