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CAVIALL Crystal Cream

Liquid crystal of CELS (Caviar Extract Liquid crystal System)Process stabilized caviar ingredients. ..

RM185.71 Ex Tax: RM185.71

CAVIALL Perfect Repair Serum

Highly concentrated liquid Serum. It promotes skin vitality and skin cells. Perfect Repair Serum als..

RM151.89 Ex Tax: RM151.89

CAVIALL Power Treatment Mask

Power Treatment Mask is a sheet type mask containing caviar extract of about 22 ml. It nourishes and..

RM101.19 Ex Tax: RM101.19

CAVIALL Wrinkle Free PowerTox

This is special care ampoule. It rejuvenates the skin during sleep. It has a unique activation effec..

RM422.04 Ex Tax: RM422.04